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Apple Watch

Apple Showcases Watch

Today was another big day for all things Apple—the release of their much anticipated Watch.

And you guess it… not only was it jam packed with all sorts nifty stuff, it also featured Home Automation capabilities that utilize Apple’s HomeKit platform.

What a surprise.

At their showcase today in San Francisco, Apple demostrated the home automation work t...

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GE And Wink

Wink Makes In Roads With GE Large Appliances

It appear that Wink is going to offer new support for GE appliances in their connected home ecosystem, the brand announced this week. Starting with version 2.8.0 the Wink Mobile app, you will be now able to connect to any GE product via ConnectPlus, GE’s Wi-Fi plugin module that allows for remote connectivity for select GE refrigerators.

It was long ago that we joked with our cli...

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