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Insteon is one of the leading providers for Home Automation Control Kits that allow for the management of all your smart devices.

Like many control kits, Insteon allows for the configuration, management, and manipulation of your smart switches, thermostats, lighting, access control, etc.. This management occurs via their Insteon Hub, using their wireless protocol, which is also reffered to as “Insteon”.

What makes Insteon stand out from other Home Automation providers is that the platform is X-10 Protocol compatible, meaning that is utilizes the pre-existing, hard wired, electrical lines within your home to communicate between devices.  The X-10 protocol often the easiest protocol for older homes with network broadcasting restraints, or retrofitting the connected home.

Like other control kits, Insteon has mobile app (and web based) integration to manage and contraol you smart home network from where ever you are. You can check thermostats, create heating, lighting, security condititions, as well as monitor sensors from where ever you are. Insteon also provides a text/email alerts system that notifies you when certain conditions are trigged. You can be notified when people go and go; what devices are being used; It will even let you know if a device needs servicing or repair.

Whew… Insteon does a lot of stuff!

While some Home Automation providers have gone down the path of charging montly fees to use their kits, Insteon has decided this doesn’t work with their business model. So, one thing that really makes Insteon an attractive option for home automation is that there are no monthly fees!

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