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  • Nest Thermostat
  • Manufacturer: Nest
  • Category: Climate Control

The Nest Learning Thermostat. What can say you not say about it? There is a reason why every time you try to pick one up at the store, the shelves are bare. Everybody loves it. Everybody wants one.

Nest, more than any other company, has shown the world just what can be done when intelligently wire common household objects to the power of the internet and mobile technology. Ever wonder what would happen if former iPod engineers from Apple turned their attention to fixing the “dumb” devices which fill our homes. Look no further then Nest. That’s their story.

So what is nest all about? In short, Nest is an automated thermostat design to be remotely controlled via your smart phone. Once you see it in action, you wonder why it took so long for someone to fulfill the need to wire a remote to the thermostat. But it’s here now, perfectly executed.

Ever fret over having to get up on a cold night, walk to wherever the thermostat may be and change the temperature? Well, not any more. Ever wish that the thermostat could teach itself how to better manage your environment, without the need for you to tweak it every season? Well, here it is. And most importantly, want to really cut down your energy usage without compromising your comfort?  Then Nest is a must have for you.

Who wouldn’t want one?

But that is not all. Nest, as a company, is looking to bring their engineering talents in to other areas of the home. In 2014 Nest acquired Dropcam, the “nest” for home security camera world. And if you peruse their career section on their website, it not too hard to figure out into what areas Nest is headed next. Audio? Perhaps. Watch out Sonos. 

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