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When we were first introduced to Hue by Philips, our reaction was: “Cute. We can program our lights. Via a smart phone. Ok. Apart from the obvious, we're not sure why anyone would want this, but… we’ll try it out and give it a go.” And then we did. Now we love it.

Philips’ Hue is a ridiculously simple lightbulb (or bulbs if you prefer more than one) that can bridge into to your existing WiFi network which in turn allows you control the color, brightness and timing of your lights from your phone or computer, as well as the ability to tie the lighting in your home together with your personal on/off schedule, providing of course if you have more than one. And that is where the fun begins.

Lighting schemes that Hue now provides used to be big dollar stuff, but not anymore. Starter kits begin around $200 which includes 3 bulbs and the bridge needed to connect it all together. Best of all, the bulbs last for 5 years.

Everyone needs Hue. It’s just too addictive and fun not own.

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