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Wink is home automation system created by a partnership between General Electric and Quirky, a leading product development business.

The idea behind Wink is the promise to let you manage all of your smart products from a single app, regardlesss of who makes the device, or what language the device speaks. Adjust your thermostat? No problem. Turn on the air conditioner, open garage door, preheat your oven—this can all be achieve from a wall mounted control panel or via your smartphone.

You can also operate your smart devices automatically from any location. Want music playing when you walk in the door? Adjust your tempreture before you arrive home from vaction? Then Wink is tool for you. But wait... there is more. Wink also allows for the implemetation of sensors that respond to movement, temperature, sound, light or humidity.

Much of Wink's promise can occur over your pre-existing wireless network; however, in some cases a Wink Hub may be necessary to communicate with devices running Z-Wave and Zigbee.

Wink has partnerships with a number of other manufacturers’ products like Honeywell, Schlage, Kwikset locks and even Philips Hue... Their competitor! How is that for playing fair?

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