Apple Showcases Watch

Today was another big day for all things Apple—the release of their much anticipated Watch.

And you guess it… not only was it jam packed with all sorts nifty stuff, it also featured Home Automation capabilities that utilize Apple’s HomeKit platform.

What a surprise.

At their showcase today in San Francisco, Apple demostrated the home automation work they have done with by integrating their wearable watch with easier access to things like cameras, doors, lighting, and garages. We have to admit, opening garage doors and streaming the video feed from your security camera of your garage to your watch is real Dick Tracy stuff.

But that is not all… The status of every smart-enable device demo home could be checked as well. From lighting to climate control. This, of course, depended greatly on the nature of how these devices where set up, something Apple didn’t elaborate on. We’re guessing solutions. But nonetheless, all of the functionality could be triggered by the watch.

Which gives you an indication of where wearables are headed in the future.

The Apple Watch products will be available on April 24. Pre-orders will be taken starting April 10 base price $349

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