Wink Makes In Roads With GE Large Appliances

It appear that Wink is going to offer new support for GE appliances in their connected home ecosystem, the brand announced this week. Starting with version 2.8.0 the Wink Mobile app, you will be now able to connect to any GE product via ConnectPlus, GE’s Wi-Fi plugin module that allows for remote connectivity for select GE refrigerators.

It was long ago that we joked with our clients that your refrigerator would one day be installed with an network port, and wouldn’t you know it… that is what GE has done with ConnectPlus. And by doing so, you can now effortlessly from your smart device, as well as receive alerts as to when the filter needs replacing or the door has be left open. Crazy? Maybe… Useful? For sure. And now that GE and Wink have partnered up, you can do all of this from your Wink app. Nice.

Depending on the success of how this works, you can be sure that all future GE will have Wink capabilities built right in. Ranges, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters, you name it. GE, Wink and the Internet of Things… certainly making our life’s better.